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minos - europa research facility

minos - son of zeus and europa - a foldable, scientific facility located on jupiter’s moon - europa. the habitat has 5 unfoldable/inflatable elements which, after succsesful deployment, emerge from the inner core system. central system core is fully equipped with heating wire chamber ready to obtain samples from europa's icy shell, or even to create corridor reaching unknown waters of jupiter's moon.

facility is made from two main materials such as: high-grade steel [inner central system] and kevlar origami plates. materials are proven to be usefull in space due to their contribute in construction of ISS. minos uses octagonal plan, which is easier to transport, it is designed to be transported via spacex’s starship.
after being fully deployed, habitat begins to expand which comes in four stages.
1 - choosing landing site + deployment
2 - unfolding process
3 - fully unfolded habitat + ice shield in progress
4 - fully unfolded and shielded habitat

succesfully landed and fully deployed minos habitat starts it’s mechanical systems to begin unfolding process.
when unfolding phase is in process, four sides of the habitat area being expanded thanks to origami structure hidden within, habitat systems begin to inflate upper, inflatable, mushroom like dome.
minos is fully unfolded and ready to become habitat for future astronauts and researchers.
in final phase the habitat is being covered by ice shield, created from melted ice water
in it's final form minos consists of one central part, four origami structures and inflatable mushroom, protected by shield made from ice.

four foldable origami systems divide habitat into four main areas predicted to be: private hq, mini lab, dining and hygiene area, entrance area. central system mechanical walls which later become origami main walls are predicted to have multifunctional hatches. hatches can become spacesuit docks, robotic arms docks or a connection between two minos habitats.

central part is predicted to be the main source of habitation and life sustaining system. it is equipped with wire-like heating drill which can be descended into ice surface of europa. it is a great way to obtain scientific samples from the surface of jupiter’s moon.
in addition, heating drill supplies minos compound with melted ice water which can be used as a shield material covering the habitat. water can be also filtered with habitat system and put it in use by astronauts.

private hq are equipped with two sleeping cabins and multiple personal storage. habitat is designed to host 2 astronauts.
mini lab contains 2 working desks with sample storage, linear workspace and robotic arms control center.
dining and hygiene area has small kitchen which seperates leisure area from dining table and hygiene cabin. due to system requirements design predicts combining kitchen system with hygiene system in one origami structure.
entrance area has been equipped with spacesuit dock instead of traditional airlock. it has multiple storage racks for equipement, tools, two spare spacesuits and system racks.

project co-created with: Maciej Rebisz -